Because everyone deserves a comfortable, safe and accessible world

we impact the future of transport and freight today

taking the fullest account of people, environment and climate.

Creating the future of rail and mining

We aim to contribute to a sector that guarantees the quality and safety of rail transport, mining infrastructure and technical systems and buildings. We have the expertise to provide full life-cycle capabilities, including planning, design, consulting, engineering, construction and management services to clients to help them maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Relations based on trust

Nothing is more important than trust, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to maintain sound client relations.

Safety first

We are committed to operating safely in all environments. Our associates strive to maximize safe practice and minimize risk.

Sustainable growth

Being focused on sustainable practices, we have the expertise to cost-effectively reduce the footprint our of projects around the world.

Moving people and freight
to where they need to go

Our know-how and expertise, backed by years of operations, collaboration and association with premium rail and mining stakeholders worldwide allows us to offer a complete range of services throughout the entire industry lifecycle.
3B Industries offers a comprehensive range of consulting, engineering, testing, certification and training services from the planning stage right through to operation, all from a single source.
Our goal and is to make rail transport for passengers and freight a more attractive and competitive option.
We provide solutions backed by best practice case scenarios, making us a holistic service provider and a project implementation expert.

A full range of rail and mining services

Over the past years, 3B Industries has been providing a full range of services for the rail and mining industries, from systems planning, design engineering, project management and training to maintenance services to rail and mining projects all around the globe.
  • Engineering

    We understand that the decisions made in the engineering and design process will have substantial effects on your project’s outcome and cost. With our unique and extensive understanding of how design will affect construction, operations and total cost, we can provide you with the designs needed to meet both your needs and budget.

  • Construction

    When combined with our cohesive engineering and design process, our construction team provides project fabrication that is efficient, speedy, and safe in constant communication with our engineers, which ensures high quality and uninterrupted construction.

  • Maintenance

    If you need railroad repairs, we have a specially trained and equipped crew specifically for track repairs. Whatever your need, whatever your timeline, 360 Rail Services can help to get your track back online. We are ready to meet your needs, routine or emergency, day and night.


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The works at the ArcelorMittal rail rolling mill in Gijón, which will total an investment of more than 24 million euros, has been progressing since the beginning […]

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